About US

Voice of Humanitarian Coordination (VHC) is a national, independent, non-government organization (NGO) started the services from date of its registered of MOE from many years ago which is involved in social, health, agriculture, construction, reconstruction fields as well as a platform for sharing data or information for national and international NGOs, companies, universities, hospitals, ministries and etc. in Afghanistan

Our Mission

The mission statement of VHC is to help people of the society to live in peace and sustain their livelihood. VHC also gives emphasis on the development of the nation by backing the primary needs of the country like public awareness and so on environmental protection, through capacity building, programming & proper limited resources management and utilization.

Our Vision

VHC foresees a society with public awareness, peace and harmony. The activities of VHC will be oriented towards this condition where men and women get equal main concern as the improvement than further group of the general public and make a nation that is model meant receive it easily

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VHC History

VHC means remedy and it plays the role of curing the weaker section of the community from their affected injuries. VHC was established as a non-government organization in Kabul, Afghanistan. Until the establishment of VHC, the organization struggled to build a secured society through better education, health care and public awareness. VHC was formed by a group of professional men and women and today it is blessed with professional members. The members of VHC include men and women from different skill sets. The members include different field specialists. VHC works under the effective management of the board of directors. There are 7 directors in the board and the BOD meets once a year. In the annual meeting, the board selects a chairperson and executive members for the coming year. The board also plans the next year’s activities 

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